Our Guarantee


The impact of unreliable data on your organisation is enormous.

Incorrect notification of planned outages, incorrect network reliability reporting, unreliable information on assets and network performance, cause customer dissatisfaction and delay fault resolution.

With checks built into every step of our data capture and maintenance, data quality is assured.


Longstanding backlogs are eliminated by our experienced team. On current projects we are achieving 93% of new updates on the same day, enabling engineering and control room staff to improve the service they give.


Incorrect regulatory reporting on assets and outages can prove extremely expensive. You and your management can confidently base decisions on your asset database.

Assiduous Reporting

We take care of your data, but we keep you in the loop. Our Executive Dashboard reports tell you exactly where you stand without wading through reams of statistics.


We constantly track progress against agreed measures of service. You are always in control and fully informed.